What is a multisport race?

A multisport race is a sport endurance event combining various sports disciplines such as mountain biking, running / trail running, rollerblading and canoeing / kayaking. But that’s not all ! The course is embellished with playful parallel activities (e.g. bowling, zip line, blowgun, games of intelligence etc.), which will only be revealed during the race.

These events are conducted in teams of two to four people who always participate together in the proposed activities on the course, in a collaborative way. The race can vary from a few hours to several days, and takes place mostly in the wilderness.

One of the essential points of the multisport race is its orienteering format. In doing so, other qualities than pure endurance are used. The teams must absolutely know how to orient themselves in the field, in order to validate control points (beacons) that will attest to their passage through the various control points.

The key words of the race are: nature, commitment, respect, friendliness, endurance and autonomy.