How long to arrive before the event? Give yourself enough time to announce yourself to the welcome desk, get the welcome pack and warm up, we advice 1h before the starting time.

Can I register on site? Until when can I sign up? No, you can’t register on site. The deadline for registration is September the 9th.

How is the event day? On arrival, get your welcome pack and the “electronic tracer” that will allow you to be timed during the race (yes, very high tech). 15 minutes before the event, go to the starting line for a briefing that will explain more precisely how the race will happen. Then, it’s up to you! Follow the directions on the map and participate in the various activities throughout the course.

What if my partner withdraws? It is possible to change your partner before departure. For this, please contact us.

How does the electronic tracer work? The electronic tracer is the device that will serve as your timing bib, and that also validates the different activities along the race. It is to be placed on the beacons throughout the event. If you miss beacons, you will have time penalties. On the contrary, depending on performance on our surprise activities, you can have some time bonuses.

What is included in the registration? The registration includes the right to participate, a welcome pack and a nice after race meal, as well as an eco-bottle!

Volunteer: how to participate without competing? If you want to participate in the adventure without competing, join our great team of volunteers! You register as a volunteer here.

What is the minimum age to participate? There is a minimum age of 9 years for the GRAALopin and 14 years for the InteGRAAL and the GRAALmageddon. Each participant must be able to meet the requirements of each sport. For minors, it is necessary a parental consent is required if the parent is not competing.

Can I participate in GRAAL with my pet? No, pets are not allowed on the course. However, you can safely bring your pet to support your friends on arrival.

When will I know the course? Only the race day when you will receive the map with the course and the sequence of events.